You’ll watch Audacity on the big screen!

We are pleased to announce that AUDACITY the movie is guest in our festival! We got the approval from General Manager and Producer at Living Waters Ministries, Allen Atzbi to screen the film and share it with our audience.
You’ll be able to watch the film on the big screen and first 100 guests will receive a FREE DVD!

A Note from Ray Comfort

Ray Comfort

We have made these DVDs affordable for you to buy and give away to your friends, family, neighborhood, outside your local high school, at your university—when you check out at a store or when you leave a generous tip at a restaurant. The graphics are designed so that you will feel comfortable giving it away.

Love can’t stay silent. May God use this film’s timely message to bring the gospel to many.

Until the nets are full,

Ray Comfort


Watch the trailer: