Tina Pumfrey is guest star in CLIFF!

CLIFF - Guests_tina_pumfrey

We are enriching the festival with live entertainment so our audience can enjoy 2 full days of film from all over the world, music, painting, photography, comedy and much more.

We have the pleasure to announce that Tina Pumfrey has accepted to perform live on stage in the Festival.

Tina Pumfrey is a wife, a mom, a teacher and a musician.

She is currently performing her works as a solo artist in southwestern Ontario. Music has been her “thing” since I was very young beginning with classical piano. Seven years with the local band “Unity”, on keys, led Tina to discover how much she loves singing and performing for a crowd, and soon enough, songwriting as well. In mid-2011 she decided to go on her own, to concentrate on her own direction.

Her music is infulienced by Adele, Sugerland, Chantal Kreviazuk, Matt Maher and Coldplay.

Tina’s first solo album, “Where God Is”, is underway, with several singles available on iTunes as a preview. The full album is scheduled to be released later in 2013. To view lyrics, learn about what inspires me, and check in on the album’s progress, go to www.tinapumfrey.com

You can connect with Tina on Facebook. Visit and like Tina Pumfrey’s Facebook Page!

You can listen to the finished releases here.