The big winner of CLIFF 2013 is…

CLIFF - winner

The first edition of CLIFF [Christian Life International Film Festival] winner is

The Henchman
Directed by: Nathan VonMinden
Submitted by: Nathan VonMinden
In category: Short Film
From: USA
TRT: 10:00

The Henchman won 2 awards and an aknowlagement:
CLIFF Best Short Film of 2013
CLIFF Best of Best 2013 [chosen from all the categories] CLIFF Best International Production
CLIFF - Video_winner
In the world of super heroes and villains it’s a henchman’s job to rough up the good guys when they break in looking for sinister plots. A run of the mill henchman must keep his job protecting his bosses warehouse and fighting off masked vigilantes before his home life and work life destroy each other.


Lead Actors:
Jonathan Kelley – JK / The Henchman
Jackson VonMinden – Jack / The Henchman’s son
Erika Waldorf – Jk’s wife
Supporting Actors:
Logan Barbiche – The Costume / super hero
Dan Gallo – The Boss
Jonathan Luhmann The Scientist / russian scientist

Erika Waldorf

Barclay Mullins

Writer and Director
Nathan VonMinden

Sound Designer
Bryant Alvarez

Jacob Meador

Daniel Warren

Additional Crew Members
Bryant Alvarez Barclay Mullins Donna Burleigh
Written and Directed by Nathan VonMinden

Some info about the director:
Nathan is a rocket scientist who’s passion is to makes movies.

He graduated in 2005 from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University with a degree in Aerospace Engineering and worked briefly as an engineer.  During that time he was learning to be a filmmaker on the side and things began to take off.  Now he is devoted to filmmaking.

Currently he is the Video Director at River Pointe Church in Richmond, TX.
He produces videos full time and directs 3 live services each weekend.

To Contact and stay in tourch with Nathan VonMinden:
Twitter: @nvonminden
Instagram: nathanvm

Once again Congratulations to Nathan and the cast and crew and we’re waiting for another good productions to be sent our way.


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