CLIFF2015 sneak peek: film trailers

Here’s a sneak peek of the films you’ll be able to enjoy this edition of the Christian Life International Film Festival that will be starting on 26th of September at 9AM. Watch the series of film trailers and get ready for the festival. It will be epic.

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CLIFF2015 Films LineUp

CLIFF2015 - movie posters

Saturday – 26 September




How far would you go to change God’s plan?


A young man discovers a way to travel through time using sound waves and take on the form of others if he wants to save his father’s life.

 Powerful line

“The little boy cannot save the father”

“He can if he’s not a little boy”

Directed by Danny Rogers

An award-winning artist with over 20 years of experience in television and movies Danny has done it all. As a writer, director, cinematographer, and editor, Danny has proven himself as a movie-making machine recently with two feature films in less then two years as well as lending his creativity to numerous other projects.

CLIFF - Page Break

Perfect Strangers


Two strangers stranded in the Scottish Highlands on Christmas eve team up to try and get ho...

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CLIFF2015 Screening Program

Here is the detailed program of CLIFF2015:

Saturday – 26 September

08:45 AM – Open Doors
09:00 AM Feedback
09:10 AM Perfect Strangers
09:36 AM God’s Been Good
09:41 AM Max
09:47 AM Ici Repose
09:56 AM Melancholic Park
10:01 AM Flowers
10:10 AM Respite at Christmas
10:25 AM Lake of Fire
10:35 AM Vision: Healing the Blind in Ethiopia
10:51 AM Revive Us Again
10:54 AM Broken Bike
11:15 AM Brothers
11:31 AM Desolation: Chapter 2
11:43 AM Forsaken
12:00 PM – LUNCH BREAK at local restaurants
1:00 PM The Two Gamers
1:15 PM The Land of Harvest
1:31 PM Fat
1:34 PM Two Lives
1:40 PM Book Ends
2:00 PM So Easy To Love
2:04 PM Evangelicals for Climate Action
2:25 PM Sleeping Death
2:40 PM Shoot
2:45 PM Shirley’s Kids

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Ready for some fun?


Everything is ready for you to come and enjoy the films, the talent, the entertainment, the art and the Thamesville hospitality!

The rate sheets are here and our very own pens too! All you have to do is to enjoy the complimentary coffee and mark which films you like with stars from 1 to 5. You are deciding who goes home with our trophies and prizes. If you want to participate, click here.


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Promo is out!


Here’s the festival promo:

Share it with your groups. See you on the 26th!

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Our box office is open and tickets are on sale.

You can get tickets directly from:
Gospel Text Bookstore
[56 Grand Avenue E, Chatham] Tea Connection
[15 King St E, Chatham] Thamesville Pharmacy
[70 London Rd, Thamesville] Groups bigger than 10 get $5 discount per ticket.
of if you prefer online:

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You’ll watch Audacity on the big screen!

We are pleased to announce that AUDACITY the movie is guest in our festival! We got the approval from General Manager and Producer at Living Waters Ministries, Allen Atzbi to screen the film and share it with our audience.
You’ll be able to watch the film on the big screen and first 100 guests will receive a FREE DVD!

A Note from Ray Comfort

Ray Comfort

We have made these DVDs affordable for you to buy and give away to your friends, family, neighborhood, outside your local high school, at your university—when you check out at a store or when you leave a generous tip at a restaurant. The graphics are designed so that you will feel comfortable giving it away.

Love can’t stay silent. May God use this film’s timely message to bring the gospel to many.

Until the nets are full,

Ray Comfort


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CLIFF2015 Submissions Closed

CLIFF2015-submissions closed

The CLIFF2015 Film Submissons are closed.

It was a taught decision and the last session of jury was like a crucifixion for us having to let go so many good films, but it was the only way. There is great talent and good stories to be watched during the week-end.

Our next edition will be on 24-25th September 2016 and we’ll open the submissions in October 2015.
If you like our festival, click on the link and add it to your watch list so you can get the notification when the CLIFF2016 submissions are open.

You can keep in touch with us on Facebook:

We thank all the filmmakers for their submission and we wish good luck to the ones that made it through the screening process...

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CLIFF on Skype


We are happy to announce that we are on Skype!

We decided to move on Skype so we can establish  live connections  with filmmakers from all around the world during our Awards Ceremony. In this way we’ll be able to instantly announce the winners and congratulate them live on the big screen, adding an interactive element to the event.

We’ll be asking all the filmmakers that are submitting their productions are are accepted in the competition to look for our ID and connect with us after they get the e-mail confirming that they were accepted in the Festival.

Good luck to all the filmmakers and a pleasant week-end to all the film lovers that want to join us on the weekend of 26-27th of September!

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CLIFF2015 is opening the submissions!

CLIFF - submit

On the 1st of February we are opening the submissions for the Christian Life International Film Festival 2015!

If you’re a filmmaker, experimented with video, an aspiring filmmaker or you just have a friend that is a filmmaker, click the button below and follow the steps to submit your film in the competition. Please remember: your production has to have a christian, spiritual, inspirational or motivational theme, it has to be clean with clean language and no gore and of course to be rated G or PG.

Good luck!

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