Submit Film

With enthusiastic audience and beautiful venue, the Christian Life International Film Festival offers a fantastic way to premiere a film in the heart of Ontario.

The festival is running on digital equipment and the screening of the accepted productions are done digitally too.
For more details please read the Rules and Terms.
Please send us the films in the preferred digital format: MP4
If you don’t have your production in MP4 format, we’ll accept MOV, AVI or MPG and we’ll ingest them in the system.

The main criteria we are selecting the productions:

  • Spiritual/Motivational/Inspirational message [a message to touch the hearts of the audience]
  • Clean Productions [G and PG rating with no faul language, no gore scenes, no excessive violence, no hate speech or any other kind of elements that would not fit for a family screening]
  • The submissions have to be done with the final cut of the production

Here is the easiest way for you to
submit your film: