Q: Where is Thamesville?A: Ontario, Canada. Click for map.

Q: How do we get to Thamesville?
A: If you’re driving, the easiest way to Thamesville is taking Hw 401 or Hwy 2.

Q: Where in Thamesville?
A: The festival is hosted by the Thamesville Church community which are located mainly downtown at 1-2 blocks distance. The town is small so you will not get any chance to get lost.

Q: We want to attend with the family. Are there any discounts?
A: Chirldren and youth under 16 get free admission.

Q: Where do I eat?
A:The local restaurants are on the main road. Johnny Quest, Jo Mama’s, Lucky’s Kitchen and Picasso Pizza. There is good food and lots of choices. In addition to that Downtown Deli from Chatham is coming to Thamesville in the Thamesville Anglican Church Parish Hall.

Q: Do I have to eat only in the scheduled breaks?
A: No. You can go to eat anytime you want, but we suggest to use the breaks so you don’t miss out on films and to be able to network with the filmmakers and the other festival goers.

Q: Where do I stay over night?
A: There are several choices. Click here for details.

Q: Can I get tickets at the door?
A: Yes. TicketWindow is setting up a booth for tickets and registration.

Q: What kind of movies will be screened?
A: All the productions are G and PG rated. They are clean films with different subjects, most of them having a spiritual theme. There are films from all over the world.