CLIFF2015 – The Big Winner

And the big winner of CLIFF2015 is…


CLIFF2015 - Badge Best Short Film - Gold

CLIFF2015 - Badge Best Of The Best - Gold


“Book Ends”

by Caleb Harmann

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Set in 1972 when racial tensions were high, a widowed young lady is approached by a black book salesman. Their short acquaintance changes the lady’s life.

The closing of a chapter can be exciting, happy, or sad. But there’s something great that happens at the end of every chapter no matter what the cause, another’s born.

Caleb Hermann has been producing, writing, and directing since he was fifteen years old. His films have won several awards including a Best Short Film, Best Director, and a few Best Screenplays. He wants to continue on making films to the glory of God.

Congratulations Caleb!

Here is the film. Enjoy!