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The big winner of CLIFF 2013 is…

CLIFF - winner

The first edition of CLIFF [Christian Life International Film Festival] winner is

The Henchman
Directed by: Nathan VonMinden
Submitted by: Nathan VonMinden
In category: Short Film
From: USA
TRT: 10:00

The Henchman won 2 awards and an aknowlagement:
CLIFF Best Short Film of 2013
CLIFF Best of Best 2013 [chosen from all the categories] CLIFF Best International Production
CLIFF - Video_winner
In the world of super heroes and villains it’s a henchman’s job to rough up the good guys when they break in looking for sinister plots. A run of the mill henchman must keep his job protecting his bosses warehouse and fighting off masked vigilantes before his home life and work life destroy each other.

Lead Actors:
Jonathan Kelle...

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