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CLIFF2016 – Submissions are closed

CLIFF - Submissions_incoming
The submissions session is officially closed. After all the deadlines, including the Last Chance Deadline, we finally got all the submissions in. The screening process was great and the screening panel did their best to finish just in time for the notifications to go outo on the set day. It didn’t happen so we had to pospone sending the notifications out for the 1st of August.

There are 61 productions from 14 countries that entered the competition.

We’ll post the films line-up soon.

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CLIFF2015 Submissions Closed

CLIFF2015-submissions closed

The CLIFF2015 Film Submissons are closed.

It was a taught decision and the last session of jury was like a crucifixion for us having to let go so many good films, but it was the only way. There is great talent and good stories to be watched during the week-end.

Our next edition will be on 24-25th September 2016 and we’ll open the submissions in October 2015.
If you like our festival, click on the link and add it to your watch list so you can get the notification when the CLIFF2016 submissions are open.

You can keep in touch with us on Facebook:

We thank all the filmmakers for their submission and we wish good luck to the ones...

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Film Submissions are pouring in!

CLIFF - Submissions_incoming

We opened for film submissions only 15 days ago and we already have films coming in from Canada, United States, Australia, India, Germany and Philippines. Be prepared for an explosion of talent, for a colorful spectacle of creation, for 2 day emotional journey, for a change in your life!
If you are interested in coming to spend the week-end with us, you can buy the tickets here.


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Submissions are open!

CLIFF - submit

We are pleased to announce that as of today you are able to submit your productions in the competition!

Our festival has 4 categories: short film, animation, documentary and music video. Each category has a $500 prize. For more information on how you can submit click here.

Here are our awards and acknowledgments:
1. Best Short Film – $500
2. Best Animation – $500
3. Best Documentary – $500
4. Best Music Video – $500
5. Popularity Award – $500
Acknowledgments [for all the categories]:
1. Best Local Production [Chatham-Kent] 2. Best Canadian Production
3. Best International Production
4. Best Indie Production [from all categories] 5. Most Powerful Message

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