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CLIFF2017 Winners are…

After a beautiful week-end full of great productions from around the world
and being blessed by the presence of some of the filmmakers,
CLIFF2017 has closed its doors.

We are pleased to announce the winners of this edition:

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It happen this year again:
the productions were so good that we couldn’t stop at only 10 Awards of Merit.
We awarded 20 productions!

Rubber Ducky
by Silas Firth

Samuel: The Birth of a Prophet
by Jonathan Bryden

by Robert Hodges

Fueling Fierce: Shannon Heil Story
by Brian Heil

Caged In
by Aaron Kamp

Why Me
by Miguel Gonzalez

The List
by David Jurney

The Fisherman
by Jake Bergen

Negative Space
by David Stone

A Matter Of Perspective
by Michael Hill


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