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CLIFF trophies are in

CLIFF - Trophies

Take a peek at the CLIFF trophies. Some of them will end up to go home to the filmmakers that the audience will choose by filling up the rate cards. We wish you all good luck in the competition!

Awards and acknowledgments:
1. Best Short Film – CLIFF2013
2. Best Animation – CLIFF2013
3. Best Documentary – CLIFF2013
4. Best Music Video – CLIFF2013
5. Popularity Award BEST OF THE BEST – CLIFF2013
Acknowledgments [for all the categories]:
1. Best Local Production [Chatham-Kent] – CLIFF2013
2. Best Canadian Production – CLIFF2013
3. Best International Production – CLIFF2013
4. Best Indie Production [from all categories] – CLIFF2013
5. Most Powerful Message – CLIFF2013


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