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CLIFF2018 Winners are…

After a beautiful week-end full of great productions from around the world
and being blessed by the presence of some of the filmmakers,
CLIFF2018 has closed its doors.

We are pleased to announce the winners of this edition:

CLIFF - Page Break


It happen this year again:
the productions were so good that we couldn’t stop at only 10 Awards of Merit.
We awarded 20 productions!

Aberdeen Covenant
by Ludi Askins

by Paul Drotos

Amazing Love
by Christy Phillips

St. Miranda
by Doug Wilder

Free the Forgotten
by Whispers into Shouts

Deborah Rosenkranz – One Prayer
by Toby Wulff

by Ryan Schroeder

Take a Stand
by Robert Felix

Down Here
by Ethan Ness

40 Seconds
by Felix Moore

Once upon a dream
by Anthony...

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