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CLIFF2016 Winners are…

After a beautiful week-end full of great productions from around the world and being blessed by the presence of some of the filmmakers, CLIFF2016 has closed its doors.

We are pleased to announce the winners of this edition:


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Voice of the Dead
by David Criswell

by Jackie Goldston

by Richard Rabelbauer

In Vino Veritas
by Álvaro Hernandez Blanco

by Whitney Gomillion

I’ve just had a dream
by Javi Navarro

by Michael Ciuffini

Father, Son and Holy Moses!
by Mitch Emoff

a prodigal
by Alex Philippi

This Path
by Nasim Bowlus

by Steven Frohardt

Our Mud (Three Stories of Mud)
by Arjanmar Rebeta

by Jarod OFlaherty

by Elena Piskareva

In Good ...

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CLIFF2016 sneak peek: film trailers

Here’s a sneak peek of the films you’ll be able to enjoy this edition of the Christian Life International Film Festival that will be starting on 24th of September at 10AM. Watch the series of film trailers and get ready for the festival. It will be epic. Tickets only $15. Buy here.

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CLIFF2016 Films Lineup


Here is the CLIFF2016 films line up that will be screened on the 24-25th of September in alphabetical order. To check the screening times, please view the festival program.

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A Life of the Mind

A Life of the Mind

One man’s last words is another man’s awakening.

Short synopsis
As a young teenager in Denmark, Niels-Erik Andreasen’s encounter with the last speech delivered by Socrates marks the starting point of a lifelong love affair with education. Now as one of the longest serving active university presidents, he grapples with the final task of concluding his life’s work.

The most powerful quote from the film
“I thought the other day, how much time and effort do we spend helping our young adults get a good s...

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