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The Festival logo will be chainsaw carved downtown

CLIFF - Guests_robbin

We are tremendously pleased to announce that Robbin Wenzoski, the master chainsaw sculptor, is joining us in the festival with an epic chainsaw carving demonstration. We say carving because that will be the first stage of the journey of reaping the wood off our festival logo.

Robbin Wenzoski tells us: “The art I create is my passion & it ranges from one extreme of pure chainsaw carving to the other extreme, fine sculpture. I do live shows exhibiting the speed & ability to create art with a carving chainsaw. Most of my commissions are for what I term as “Chainsaw Sculpture” which is well beyond the normal “chainsaw Carving”...

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Jennifer Marsh is guest in CLIFF!

CLIFF - Guests_jennifer_marsh

We are pleased to announce that photography made it’s way into our festival in the most beautiful form that God put on this world: babies.

The master of the craft, Jennifer Marsh, will join us showcasing some of the most beautiful creations and, maybe, talk a little bit about some funny moments that occur during the photoshoots.

Find Jennifer on Facebook and like her page.

Thank you Jennifer for joing us in enjoying 2 days of art and fellowship.

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Painter Cindy DeHaan is guest in CLIFF!

CLIFF - Guests_cindy_dehaan

As a growing Artist, Cindy started painting when she felt the Lord prompt her to open herself and her home to paint as a form of worship to Him.

Her paintings and drive for painting is to inspire, encourage and bless all those who come into contact with the artwork. It has been her experience that God has used the brush as an extension of Cindy’s heart and although she didn’t have any formal training, she had been honoured to have been used in many different ways.

CLIFF - Guests_cindy_dehaan01

Some of these were having a painting sent to Cuba to encourage many after the tragic devastation following the Hurricane that destroyed much of the country...

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The 5 guys are guests in the CLIFF!

CLIFF - Guests_5guys

We are excited to announce that the live entertainment will be rezonating: The5Guys will sing acapella some gospel songs that will move you.

In early 2004 there was a group of fellows who all attended the Presbyterian Church in Wardsville. Kevin Alderton was the organist, Richard Crum and Don and Hugh Nisbet were in the choir, and we’re pretty sure that Don Nisbet layed the cornerstone of the church. Well the ladies in the choir decided that they wanted a day off, so these fellows got together to work on some special music for the church anniversary. They had so much fun doing it that they decided they could share their talents with more than just their church brethern...

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Tina Pumfrey is guest star in CLIFF!

CLIFF - Guests_tina_pumfrey

We are enriching the festival with live entertainment so our audience can enjoy 2 full days of film from all over the world, music, painting, photography, comedy and much more.

We have the pleasure to announce that Tina Pumfrey has accepted to perform live on stage in the Festival.

Tina Pumfrey is a wife, a mom, a teacher and a musician.

She is currently performing her works as a solo artist in southwestern Ontario. Music has been her “thing” since I was very young beginning with classical piano. Seven years with the local band “Unity”, on keys, led Tina to discover how much she loves singing and performing for a crowd, and soon enough, songwriting as well...

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Christian Life International Film Festival Poster is out

Here is the festival poster. It’s still hot. It just came out of the graphic designers oven. What do you think about it?

CLIFF - Poster_small

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Second interview on UCB Canada

CLIFF - UCBCanada_interview01

We’ve been again invited to talk about the festival and about the good things we have instore for our audience. UCB Canada opened their studio with a big heart and open arms, embracing our initiative and the tradition that is starting as we speak.

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